Works only on client-powered websites.

Your website receives updates occasionally. You update them and the website is safe and fast again. However, if you manage a lot of websites, this process can be a pain.

The Nozier client retrieves all versions of your website which include the platform, server and database. The Nozier client also retrieves updates that are ready to install. In one click, you can fully update all of your websites and get alerted of anything that went wrong in the process.

The technical explanation

If you installed the Nozier client on every website you registered, Nozier can retrieve the details from your website. It'll do so every 60 minutes. Nozier receives the platform version, server version, database version and extension/plugin updates from your website.

After Nozier fetched your website once, you can view its versions and updates in the application. From there, you can remotely update the website. Both the core and extensions/plugins can be updated from Nozier. Whenever something failed, we'll notify you instantly.

Whenever Nozier fails to retrieve the information, it'll try to retrieve it 5 more times. When all of the attempts failed, we'll notify you about the problem!

Ready to start?

Nozier offers a no-strings-attached 15-day trial.
No payment upfront required.