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Our Mission

Our mission at is to ease the lives of companies that manage websites for their customers. Keeping their websites up-to-date should not take a full day of work. Instead, your company should be able to take on new projects!

We started Nozier in 2019 as other solutions did not match our expectations. Nozier serves us instead of us having to check the application every day. We wanted to get notified on our favourite channels when something goes wrong on a website and view our monitors in an easy to read interface instead of a long table.


Founder Michael Snoeren
Michael Snoeren


  1. October 2016
    Started WatchMyJ.website

    A platform to manage Joomla websites with. Didn't work out.

  2. March 2019
    Started WebsiteEagle

    Another platform to manage websites with. Discontinued.

  3. May 2019
    First Nozier release

    Internal code didn't work quite well.

  4. July 2019
    Second Nozier release

    Yet again, internal code didn't work quite well.

  5. November 2019
    Start of Nozier

    This time the code works out!

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